Build your skills in cake decorating and jelly art with us

What do we offer

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Cake Decorating Basics

For newbie bakers/decorators who wants to fast track their skillset to another level.

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Jelly Art workshops

We specialise in teaching jelly art using PM tools that produces close to realistic flowers in Jelly form.

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master classes

We invite the best instructors in cake decorating/jelly art to build your skills on to make beautiful edible works of art.

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We sell the tools to get you started with your cake decorating/jelly art journey.

WHO are we

Since February 2016, The Vanilla Bean was set up to impart knowledge and skills to baking enthusiasts in making pastries and desserts, cake decorating and 3D Art Jelly. At The Vanilla Bean, we strive to empower enthusiasts of all levels through hands-on and intuitive classes. Based in Singapore, we offer lessons by renowned skilled artists from Asia and around the world to enhance these learning experiences. We aim to build on every individual’s skill level, and create a community of enthusiasts that encourages mutual support.